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Tucker & Phillip

This is our working Goldendoodle TUCKER, he was born October 22, 2004. Tucker was purchased at 8 weeks old to be a service dog for my son Phillip who has Aspergers Syndrome, an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Phillip has always had an interest in animals, very drawn to them. He began volunteering at our local Humane Society and we discovered that his time spent out with the animals had a very calming effect on him. He could have the worst day, and come home a calm, more able to focus, and able to follow direction. That was when I began researching Autism Service Dogs on the net and found many great people who tried to help us get a puppy for Phillip.

All 'Tuckered' out

The first two weeks were spent socializing the puppy to our pack family and getting him used to Phillip and my other 2 younger children, along with house breaking. Then we had our firsts visit from our trainer, Charity from Prairie Home Kennels in Hoffman, MN. She gave us several things to work on over the next two weeks like: sit, stand, down, OFF, and here.

Tucker learning command,

Tucker learning command,

Good boy!

Charity said we should begin socializing TUCKER in the community 5-6 times per week. She recommended we take him everywhere we go, keep it short and sweet and fun for TUCKER. He took to socializing very well... Our first outing was to a Dr. apt for Phillip in a huge medical facility in the cities. He traveled all the way by Phillip's side :o)

Then in the clinic acted like he had been in training for this forever, just seemed to come natural. Everywhere we go people comment on his disposition and remark on what a good puppy he is! This makes Phillip very proud, I have seen him begin interacting with people in way he never had a desire to before. It is like TUCKER has opened up a opportunity for socializing for Phillip that never existed for him before. He is beginning to enjoy informing every one who asks about his breed and what TUCKER does for him.

I am continuously amazed with the intelligence of this puppy. He is so compassionate, attentive, loving, and has such a desire to please his family. He is an awesome pup and we are looking forward to his next training session today to begin teaching him new things.

Puppy Mug Shot

Our hopes for the future are that by the time Phillip is 16 he will be able to take the certification testing with TUCKER so he may handle the dog in public alone. In 2 years Phillip will begin doing intensive life skills training and job training due to his disability to help prepare him for adulthood.

It is our intent that TUCKER and Phillip will grow together,
and will go into life as a TEAM.

Tucker learning to stay by Phillip while he does school work helps Phillip to focus, keep calm, and stay on task.

 Tucker waking Phillip up in the morning helps our day get off to the right start.

Tucker learning the command leave-it so he is not distracted by food temptation in training, while visiting a restaurant, or in the community food is everywhere.

He is one smart puppy.... he has remained in leave it with a piece of cheese resting on his paw for 2 minutes with out so much as a sniff! Then I say OK and he moves his paw and gobbles up the treat.

Well here is the newest task learned. Stay during distractions. He is doing quite well with this but is still little and forgets what he is supposed to do, he is doing very well though considering he is 4 months old tommorow.

Phillip has commanded him to sit and stay.

Then he begins to bounce a ball and walk around him in circles while bouncing the ball, then he will re-peat the command and roll the ball across the floor.

   ~   Jana Wegener