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AKC Agility & Carrington

Carrington, a gorgeous English Goldendoodle from Sherri's Teddybear Goldendoodles, has just turned 2 years old and is in AKC Agility.  She is already in Excellent Jumpers, Excellent Standard and Excellent FAST.  She is extremely intelligent, very strong, beautiful lines on her body.  I could not be more pleased with her and what she has accompished already.  

Carrington at Fletcher, NC AKC trial in February 2012

Mixed breeds were just allowed to run in AKC trials last August.  She has surprised a lot of AKC owners who do not  like mixed breeds running against their dogs.  You can't imagine the comments I've heard. Goldendoodles are truly an intelligent breed. Its funny, I tell everyone the poodle in her charts the course and the retriever gets her over the finish line.

Carrington at Fletcher, NC AKC trial in February 2012

Carrington has so many full time jobs.  Agility training, Caring Canine Therapy Dog visits and so loving of my daughter with Cerebral Palsy.  We visit twice a month to a facility for children that can't go to public school because of behavioral problems but yet they  sit and read to her.  Its amazing to watch her lay with them, kiss them and teach them to do tricks with her. She has so many special qualities and I was fortunate to get her.  She's the best.

Carrington got her Excel A Title this weekend (March 1, 2012)  and now she's in Excel B everything already.  I'm so proud of her.