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Izzy the Rescued Goldendoodle

My name is Peggy Lae and my family just adopted/rescued a female goldendoodle.  She was taken from a home by a lady because of abuse and neglect, and the lady could not keep her because she was too much puppy for her, so she gave her to the vet, and asked them to find a good home.

    We had just put our beloved chocolate lab, Chloe', to sleep.  At 10 yrs, she had developed degenerative spinal arthritis and it progressed so fast.  I truly believe that Chloe' sent this puppy to us.

    We have 2 other dogs, an 11 yr old Jack Russell and a year and a half old lab/irish setter mix that we also rescued last year.  They are both males and we needed a female to balance them out, and she did. She moved right in.

    Her name is IZZY  (IsabelleOfTheBall)  and we believe that she is about 4 months old. She weighs 11 lbs now, she weighed 6 when we got her.  In 2 weeks, with love and attention, she almost doubled in size.  She is a dream dog...so cute and looks like a golden retriever with a perm!  

    I have been reading on your site since we saw her the very first time and it helped me make the decision to bring her home.  Thank you.

    Here are some pictures of her.  Thank you for all the info you have on this site.  I look forward to being a part of it with IZZY and hope she can get a page of her own....she is sooooo photogenic!

    Thank you from her, for putting the information out there, so people will be able to get info and possibly give a puppy a new and safe home.  IZZY will be trained as a pet therapist, just like her brother FRIDAY and visit nursing homes and hospitals.  She has already started visiting my mother at her retirement home, and the residents love her and she seems to sense her job!

Love and kisses and snuggles....not sure if she will be a really big girl or a mini...either way, I love her.

Peggy Lae

Update -  March 2008

Izzy has adapted well to our family.  She is learning her name when called and the command COME.  I have been introducing her to the beginnings of being a pet therapist by introducing her to babies, because therapy dogs have to be accustomed to all kinds of behavior..hair pulling, banging on the head etc.  The dog's attitude towards this is essential, they must remain calm.  Izzy responds with kisses and we encourage the "gentle" command and she has responded well.  The baby that I babysit for calls her zzzzzy and loves to run her hands through her fur...We also have been to the pet stores, the park, riding in the car, going to the vet and various other places she may encounter strange noises or obstacles.  It is a good socialization tool for her, since she is a puppy and it also helps with what she may encounter on a visit..machines, cars in parking lots, people etc.

Her favorite outing by far is to the residential facility where my mother lives.  Izzy sits quietly by the door until invited in and isn't allowed to jump on the residents, although Gramma breaks that rule incessantly. (hey what are Grammas for but spoiling!!) She visits with other residents, and we are teaching her what she can and can't do. She usually falls asleep on the cool floor while activities are going on.  She just likes to be around people.

The vet told us that when we got her, her age was estimated wrong, so she was only about 6 weeks old.  For having such a traumatic beginning, she is turning out to be wonder-Izzy.

 Now she is a cute cuddly puppy,(at 21 lbs and 4 and a half months) but when she is a therapy dog, she may weigh as much as 40 lbs and that doesn't constitute a lap dog...but she is "in training" so she can get used to being handled.  I must say that she has taken to it instantly.  Her behavior is excellent and she is so cute, it melts everyone.  They call her a teddy bear with big feet and a tail.  This breed is obviously made for this work, and we do tell the dogs it is " time for work" so they know...We all are required to pass a strict evaluation and we dress in uniform.  The dogs know when you put on the shirt, time for work. My other therapy dog FRIDAY knows what day is therapy day and what day is just go hang out with Gramma day.

Izzy has been microchipped for safety, as the more we go out, the more people are falling in love with the breed.  I have had so many questions about her.  We found a great book all about Goldendoodles and it lists this site as the only one to go to!!!  We knew that already, lol...

The longer she is here, the smarter she gets and the cuter!!!  Her hair is obviously going to be Golden Retriever but her feet have curls...Her head has spiked hair so on Halloween, I guess she can dress up as a gremlin!

Will keep you up to date on Izzy the rescued Goldendoodle!!!

learning to share with Friday.....now she is into playing mode!!!
literally all the time!!!