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training as service dog for Medical Alert & Medical Response

Pearl seems to have a natural intuitive ability to sense changes in my body's blood sugars. Although she has not officially started that phase of her training, she has already been very reliable and accurate on alerting me by waking me up when I'll have an episode of low blood sugar. She has come with me to work since her third day of coming home to us. She comes into my office and lays down quietly under my desk and sometimes even on my feet! When she senses that something is not right with me, she will come over and either poke at me, put her legs up on mine, and do what she can to get attention. I've learned quickly not to ignore her when she is doing this. Instead, I try to listen, because I understand now that she usually is trying to give me a message. The bond that her and I have is like nothing I can truly describe. At 5 mos. of age, she will gently pick up a small flexible container of juice and hand it to me, pick up a package of crackers off the floor and never smash a one, retrieve my phone, pick up a piece of paper, sheet by sheet and hand each piece gently to me. Pearl is only in her second month of a 18 month training program. I think her potential is limitless. When Pearl completes her training, she will be able to dial out on a K-9 911 phone to get me help, retrieve juice from a cabinet or refrigerator, open a door, turn on or off a light, assist me or find assistance for me if I fall or have a diabetic induced seizure, along with alerting me prior to a dangerous drop in my blood sugar.

She is precious and I love her dearly. She has learned the word "snuggle" and on bad days, she puts her little furry head on my shoulders so I can give her a hug. That is the best medicine there is!

 - we hope to be posting more updates in the near future -

A special thanks goes out to Pearl's owner and trainer for sharing Pearl's story.