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Tahoe the
Hunting Labradoodle Bird Dog
bred by Debra Wachter of Countryside Doodles

Mark came to me looking for a Doodle that he could train to replace his beloved "Bird dog Blazer".

Here is what Mark had to say about Blazer-
Blazer was more than a great little dog he was also an excellent bird dog that won several field hunt competitions.  He would have won more except that he was not always strong enough to retrieve a full grown but not completely dead pheasant. Blazer a Cockapoo, passed at age 14.
I did have a few pups that I thought that would be good for what he was looking for. Mark came out and we evaluated a few pups. Mark really liked our orange collar male Labradoodle from Coco + Bucky's litter.

Tahoe started training right away-
He needed  to learn to swim so he could learn to retrieve ducks from the water.

Here is what Mark had to say about Tahoe-

Tahoe is doing everything we hoped he would. He behaves very well and my wife even like him so that's a good thing.  He's turning into an excellent hunter, he does well on upland as well as ducks.

Tahoe is one year old today, he's been more than I hoped for and that includes the hunting expectations as well.
He is 41 pounds, slightly larger than the average Brittney, very fast and loves to swim even in the winter.  His coat is still changing.  He has gone from the soft, curly puppy fur to a more dense wavy coat similar to his mother Cocoa. Very little to no shedding.
He loves kids and other dogs and goes everywhere with us.
As to hunting he has done quite well and more importantly he loves it.  We have shot more than 200 birds over him this year including pheasant, ducks, grouse and quail. He retrieves very well and has lost only three birds. He is about 80% of a finished flushing dog and I know he will be finished by spring.

Tahoe was bred by Debra Wachter of Countryside Doodles