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Nikki of Blazing Star Kennel is very proud to introduce you to Aaron and Lizzie!

Aaron is a 7 year old boy with autism. He and his family live in Sioux Fall, South Dakota. His family consists of dad Brian, mom Kaija, brother Elijah as well as Suzannah his older sister who now lives in Montana.
Aaron is said to be moderate in the autism spectrum and also possesses "splinter skills" which allow him to communicate verbally and with hand signals.

Finding Aaron and his family was like a miracle to me. Kaija (his mom) posted on one of the Doodle forums that I frequent looking for a Doodle to do therapy work with their autistic son. I decided to respond to Kaija's post to try to help them find a Doodle for them as well as help find any training facility or information available in their area. After emailing a few times I just felt that Aaron was the special child I had been looking for and that it felt right that they have one of our babies for their very own.
With a swelled heart I told Kaija that we wanted to donate a puppy for Aaron. Believe me we've cried together over the phone many times since then, it's been a blessing to all our lives that our paths crossed as they did.

Aaron and Lizzie have 2 therapy sessions per week together guided by Kaija and Aaron's therapist. They are working on vocal commands and hand signals. So far they have mastered "sit" vocally and signed. They are working on "Lizzie come" and "no jump" which can be hard for puppy but they will get there. Aaron has felt a little hesitant with Lizzie and amazingly she senses this and gives him his space when needed, she also doesn't get too "wild" as she knows that this frightens Aaron. The most amazing part to me is that they are working on a search and rescue type of training where they are teaching Lizzie to "find Aaron" by using a shirt with his scent on it which she must find to receive a treat. This will help in finding Aaron if he ever leaves home unknowingly!

Lizzie was donated by Blazing Star Kennel