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Sophie & Kerri
Hospital Therapy Dogs

I was an RN in an Intensive care Unit for 30 years retiring in May , 2008 . I find that my niche is hospitals doing Therapy Dog visits . I have taken my dogs to libraries occasionally where they have programs where kids read to dogs . We also recently visited 3 3rd grade classrooms after the children had finished reading a story about a Therapy Dog .

These are the business cards of my Doodles. The kids ( & adults too ) love it when I give them a card when we do a Therapy Dog visit .  A photographer friend of mine photographed the dogs then designed these cards for me . I love them .

front & back of Kerri's business card
Sophie's business card

Kerri has done a few hospital visits but I usually take Sophie there . She is perfect for that as she is so gentle & she wont jump on anyone . She'll readily carefully hop in bed with a child when asked to . She gently crept up & stretched out beside a dying child & nestled into him as he hugged her to him . His Mom told me that's the 1st he'd smiled in a long time . He died a week later . That profoundly moving experience made me realize how important those visits can be sometimes .

My photographer friend Sandy Haas photographed the dogs then designed the cards for me .
I love them . Her web address is www.haasweddings.com

Sophie as a pup

Sophie fully grown

sunlight reflecting off snowflakes

I have been training Kerri in agility . They have a program called Agility Angels where autistic kids run these dogs through agility courses . They have had some amazing breakthroughs with some of these kids . I am not actively pursuing having Kerri participate in this program @ this time but may consider it in the future .

Kerri at 8 wks. old

Kerri always gets every last crumb when the bag is empty .

Loves to sleep with her toys .

She is young here & had been groomed recently but shows her markings a bit .

I always liked this picture of Kerri .

1st day home .

These 2 play tug of war constantly . They are too funny . Her markings aren't as striking when her fur's longer .