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In December of 2003 Debra decided to help a friend fulfill her dream...

Debra worked with Lisa, a married mother of four, who had been battling cancer for years through operations and chemo.  Lisa and her boys fell in love with Doods, and so Debra decided to see if she could find a donated dog.  Her message was put to our community forums.

At that time a wonderful woman named Peggy offered to purchase the pup for Lisa and her children.  Peggy also offered to pay for half the travel costs.  It is the custom of Peggy and her husband to donate something special each holiday season.  Kathy of Cloud Catcher Labradoodles graciously offered a discount on a beautiful pup named Foster, and our Dood community raised the rest of the funds to send Foster to his new home with Lisa and her family.  A special thanks to:  Colleen, JS, Barbara H.,  Gerry P., Tracy C., Alysen M., Silvia, Ren, Tara, Sarah A., Kathryn and Pat E.

Foster enjoyed many months with Lisa and her family.

Sadly, Lisa has recently passed away, leaving her husband and her four boys.  Lisa always wanted her sons to go to a high education level, and the family would benefit from help for these boys' educations.

In memory of Lisa there has been a college fund set up for the Hunsberger boys called the Hunnsberger Boys College Benefit Fund established through Citizens Bank.

Donations by the doodle community can be made as follows-

Please make checks payable to:

John Hunsberger
(Write account #6244629901 and deposit only on back of check )
Please state- Attn:AnnaLiese Kunze

Mail it to:

Citizens Bank
Attention: AnnaLiese Kunze
620 D Easton Road
Warrington, Pa. 18976

Thank you for your kindness-