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Bonzer is a Goldendoodle owned by Jeannie G., in Houston, Texas and bred by Linda Rogers of Timshell Farm.  You can find more information about Bonzer on Linda's website :

Jeannie reports:

"This has been quite a day for Bonzer!!! First, his brief moment on Martha Stewart and then his dance class final! Thought you would enjoy these shots from class! Bonzer looks so great dancing with all that fur bouncing around!!! He added to the choreography by his "sit up" :) move (the choreography was just for him to sit and me walk around him)-everyone loved it (they said he looks like a polar bear)! Our classes are at "Happy Hounds" here in Houston and they have such a nice facility! Bonzer is really enjoying the classes and I am getting a workout in the process!!!
For smart and high energy dogs like Goldendoodles, the Freestyle Dance (Musical Dog Sport Association) is a great activity-it really gets the dogs paying attention and focusing. Bonzer picks up new tricks so fast, but it was the focusing part he needed to work on. It would be a good tip for Doodle owners to find "Canine Freestyle" classes, or to do the online training classes.

All of the classes at the Happy Hounds center are geared to dog and handler together. They have obedience training, flyball, agility and freestyle classes. The facility is beautiful-the big room indoors has rubber mat flooring like an aerobics room, and outdoors there are two fenced in play yards-the big one has agility equipment. We took Bonzer to obedience training at ******** first before we knew about Happy Hounds and then he had a brief obedience training at Happy Hounds before we boarded him there. In 3 lessons at Happy Hounds, he had learned way more than he had in 16 lessons at ********. It was just great! We thought it would be fun for Bonzer to take Emily's class, and it was perfect! I don't think Bonzer has any interest in flyball or agility training, but we are finding out he is quite a dancer! I never would have thought that just regular people and dogs would learn these moves and now that I know, I can really recommend it!
Bonzer did great!!!! He has only had 5 lessons, but he did his routine to Little Deuce Coupe like a star! 2 dogs at a time performed and some of these are from the warm-up exercises before the performance. We were so proud of him!!! This has been a really fun activity for all of us and we signed up for the next set of classes! Love, Jeannie.

Bonzer has been working on "back around" (circle me backwards) and "shy" (where he lifts one paw to his forehead like a salute)-This wasn't anything previously choreographed, but just some songs we like to work on and some moves we were "rehearsing" in the garage.

Here's the first video of Bonzer learning to dance -   http://www.dropshots.com/Bonzer

•  2-26-08   -    Bonzer Dance videos

•  7-06-08   -    Salsa Practice

•  2-20-09   -    Bonzer should be dancing

•  2-23-09   -    Blue's Doodle

 Please be sure to check back - we hope to be able to share more videos of Bonzer dancing soon!