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Here's a story for you.  Our F2 Goldendoodle Eden is now in a guardian home where she is a therapy dog for a nine year old girl with cerebral palsy.  The family came to visit us this last fall.  Their daughter Kenzie was very sad because her older sisters had moved out of the house and she was lonely.  When they arrived, they carried their daughter in, because she can't walk.  She was tense since she was in a new place and didn't know us.  Eden couldn't take her eyes off her.  She went over to Kenzie and licked her on the face then sat back and watched her intently.  Kenzie started to let down her guard.  Pretty soon Kenzie, who can't talk started to make sounds to get Eden to come to her.  Every time she did, Eden would go to her.  Then Kenzie started to smile and then to laugh.  Eden moved in with them.  They loved having her there.  Pretty soon the daughters who had moved decided to move back because of Eden.  They all love having her and their family is enjoying a new chapter in their lives.

Patty Gottschalk
New Life Labradoodles and Goldendoodles