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Goldendoodle on the cover of LIFE Magazine

© Life Inc. 2004, used with permission

In July of 2004 a reporter from LIFE Magazine contacted me about Goldendoodles - in particular, Harley - a Dood sired by the late actress Natalie Wood's poodle.   Harley was the poster child of Doods, and his story is here.    

I was asked to recommend a few great breeders, and I sent the reporter to our site breeder's list in search of the perfect puppy.  Many dogs were photographed, but we're proud as punch that the Dood chosen to be on the cover of LIFE Magazine was none other than a Goldendoodle, Sadie   -  and one bred by a wonderful breeder, Linda Rogers of Timshell Farm  at  www.timshellfarm.com  

Thanks to his owners and to the magazine for showcasing this beautiful hybrid.

Blue Sterling

For more information about LIFE Magazine see the website at   http://www.life.com/Life/

To find out where to get LIFE Magazine in your local newspapers, use this link  http://www.life.com/Life/newspapers/