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CHESTER made the top 100 in the Orange County Register photo contest!

Chester lives with Mario, who wrote in to Goldendoodles.com and asked a special favour -

"LOVE your website! Ever since we got Chester 3 years ago, we have been stopped everywhere whenever we take him out. YOUR SITE makes things very clear to Goldendoodle owners, and my wife and I really appreciate it! I love the way you are able to get so many issues out there for us to read about.
Now to what I am asking for regarding help from you. A VERY MINOR request. I live in Orange County, Ca. for years, or biggest newspaper has run a dogs face contest and Goldendoodles NEVER get any recognition. Now this year, as always, I am entering Chester (See his pictures attached to this email).
Here is the website link so you can check it out, or go to the website of the Orange County Register in California and check out the mydogsface contest. Chester is the "Chester from Mission Viejo".  I also have a Craigslist ad asking dog lovers to vote for him. Here is the Craigslist link to what I was asking people to do (vote for him if they wanted to). People can vote as many times as they want.
Would you be so kind as to email your list of people and ask them to vote for Chester(Maybe forward the craiglist link) so our breed gets recognition? Our breed will show up on the FRONT PAGE of the paper and they will finally get the recognition they deserve! The contest ends Sept 29th and people can vote over and over if they want to."

Doodle owners unite!
As it happens, Chester is one handsome Dood, so when we put a link to Mario's Craiglist ad, many many Goldendoodle lovers went the distance and voted for Chester!  Here's Mario's ad, telling people about Chester and the photo contest

Congratulations to Chester and Mario!  Thank you both for spreading the word about these wonderful dogs!