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The Hope Ball Puppy
bred by Linda Rogers of TimShell Farm

In this little movie you will see my friend and my hero, Joshua Gass.... as he battles with his own leukemia, he works to raise money for research!!! This boy has raised over $30,000 for the leukemia research foundation and some of his work was done while he was undergoing chemotherapy. This is the most remarkable, brave child I have ever seen in my life. He told his dad "I know why I am sick." His dad was rather astonished and said, "why do you think you are sick, Josh?" and Joshua replied "People will pray for me to get better and they will come to know God."

Josh has taught me the true definition of what a problem really is. What he has is a real problem.... what I have, in comparison, are merely "inconveniences". Joshua undergoes the most horrendous treatment pain and agony imaginable, and he apologizes to the nurses and doctors for complaining. He is truly an amazing spirit, here to teach us all a lot - I believe it.

This movie clip sure brightened my day.... Josh is in remission now and is working with the head leukemia research doctors in the U.S. on the "Hope Ball" auction in Phoenix next month. The dog in the video is "Good Golly Miss Molly" and is one of our Goldendoodles. She is owned by Teri Lane, a news anchor on a Phoenix TV channel that has trained her for therapy work in hospitals in Phoenix. Miss Molly is a regular part of the news program every week - does a segment with dog trainers that is fabulously popular in Phoenix!! Anyway, the video was shot for the Phoenix tv station, and it is Josh with Good Golly Miss Molly. Josh has his own Goldendoodle puppy named Otis, also from our farm.

We hope our auction puppy generates a good winning bid for Josh and for the research. Just thought you would like to meet the bravest human being I know. If you want to write him a note and congratulate him on his good work and send him wishes to be well, his email address is:

If anyone wants to make a contribution to Josh's fundraising efforts, here is the link to the website for the Hope Ball.

Love you,
Click on the image to
Watch the videoclip