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Babe the Companion Goldendoodle

Her name is Babe, and what a babe she is!!!!!  She is a gorgeous F1 Black Goldendoodle bred by Mark and Annesley Hackathorn in Virginia Beach, VA.  Babe was purchased by the McCoy family for their handicapped daughter, Jenny.  They wanted Jenny to have a friend and companion who could be with her 24/7.  Babe was such a sweet pup!!!!  She was selected by Mark Hackathorn who is a master dog trainer and owner of Tidewater K9 Academy as well as a Goldendoodle breeder.  

Mark selected Babe for the McCoys based on her temperament, intelligence, and size.  When Jenny and Babe first met, Jen squealed with excitement!!!!  Their relationship had begun!  Mark trained Babe with much help from the McCoys.  They started with on leash training followed by off leash training.  Finally, Babe was trained to be a service dog!  Once Babe's service dog vest is on and her lead is attached to Jen's chair, Babe is all business!!  She goes to malls and restaurants.  Babe has traveled from Virginia to Texas and has plans for a summer trip to Alaska!!

Jenny and Babe are inseparable.  Babe is a 50 pound lap dog!  She sleeps in Jenny's room and has even “learned” to help Jenny get a shower!!  In spite of her Goldendoodle love for the water, Babe knows that only Jenny gets into the tub!!!  It is heartwarming to see the mutual love that exists between Babe and the McCoy's.  It is awesome to see Jenny and Babe together.  It is inspiring to watch Babe doing what Goldendoodles were bred to do…..being of service to their owners!!!