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I wanted to tell you about my awesome Dood, Jack! (CKC Claremars Jumpin' Jack Flash).

I saw the ad for him about four hours after being discharged from my third two week stay in less than six months, on a locked Psych Unit, on February 27, 2011. (For Major Depressive Disorder, PTSD, Social Anxiety Disorder, etc) I was cleaning my Cockatiel cages and the ad was in one of the newspapers I was using.

The paper was from December 31, 2011 and there it was, February 17, 2012......I just knew that this puppy was already in his FUR~Ever home.....But I couldn't get it out of my mind. So I called.

Yes, the 4 month Dood WAS still available! His name is Jack and he'd had numerous inquiries and appointments made to see him.

Nobody followed through!! The breeder sent me three pix which she'd just taken. I KNEW immediately that this sweet faced little man was going to be MY boy!! Plus, oddly enough, he was born on MY Birthday!! (Now if THAT'S not a sign, right?!?!)

On Saturday February 21, 2011 my boyfriend and I made the 6+ hour roundtrip drive in horribly snowy, icey conditions to meet Jack & his breeder.....

About two weeks later I began Jack's Service Dog training ~ In a "previous life" I raised, trained & showed dogs in obedience & the breed ring as a teen & young adult, before my health went South with Fibromyalgia, irreversible degenerative spinal problems & my myriad of mental health issues.

Jack is now just shy of 2 1/2 years old. He is my world. He goes EVERYWHERE with me. The two years pre~Jack, I spent 90% of my "life" in my bedroom. He's given me my LIFE!! back. :-)

My hope is that more people with "Invisible Illnesses" will consider getting a Doodle for Service and/or Therapy work. Or ANY dog! :-)

Not many people know that Service Dogs can be owner trained and that they, unlike Therapy Dogs, DON'T have to be Certified, carry documentation, wear identifiable vests, etc. Jack wears one, as it's just my personal preference.

Business owners can only as a person entering with a dog, "Is that a Service Dog?" AND "What tasks is he/she trained to do which help you?".

I truly believe that Jack was meant to come into my life and to be the absolutely amazing Service Dog which he's become. When his vest is on he KNOWS that he's working and is totally Zen-Doodle. Get home and take his vest off and he turns back into Goofy-Doodle!! LOL! He's been like that since I put his vest on for the first time, about two weeks after he came home, at 4 months. He's such an amazing boy!!

Not to mention that he has his own personal "Jack Fan Club" around town!! Wherever we go, it's "Hi Jack!!"
And he's NEVER distracted from his job. Such a good boy!!

These dogs are truly incredible. As are ALL dogs!! :-)


Mary & Jack