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Shandy's Page

Shandy was born on March 28, 2001 at Lovina's Farm.  She now lives in Vancouver, B.C. with Valerie, John and Bobby.  Her littermates on this site are Jake, Oakley, Jessie, Aspen and Doodles.

Once upon a time -

about a couple of months ago - there was a suggestion from John in Vancouver that I should make a trip out to see them and if I was coming I could be the delivery service for a new puppy.

Following this, on March 28th at a farm operated by a Mennonite couple near Wallenstein , (St. Jacobs area), Ontario, a Golden Retriever, Queenie, (plus the help of a French Poodle, Bentley), produced about ten puppies - three or four white Poodle-looking males and the rest sandy Retriever-looking females. Despite the fact that Mother ran out of spigots they all managed to eke an existance and reached seven weeks old when they could be spread over various parts of the States and Canada to their excited new owners.

I am sure you are all familiar with breeds of dogs and know that these new arrivals were Goldendoodles. (To see what they look like and more about them see - www.goldendoodles.com - Valerie's Web Page with pictures is being produced but out of at least six rolls of films it is hard to make a selection.

With the help of Brian, arrangements were made for me to fly out on May23rd and he was able to get a convenient flight out of Hamilton which avoided the problem of traffic and parking at Toronto. He had also been ableto buy a special well-ventilated collapsible carrier bag for transportation purpose and so that the pup could travel in the cabin of the plane.

On the appointed day, Brian and I drove to the farm and saw most of the pups and their parents.  After picture taking and driving back to Brantford for a while we headed to Hamilton, picking Vanessa up from school on the way. Ann, Ron, Nicholas and Jessica were there too. This was fortunate as the kids were able to take Shandy for pre-flight bladder reduction.

With the ease of parking at the airport and the fact that I think we were the only plane leaving there were no big crowds. Cameras were clicking and on checking through there was so much interest in Shandy that we had to struggle to get her back from the girls at the check-in counters.

Brian helped and came right through to the embarkation point and we were soon settled aboard with Shandy in her bag safely and comfortably tucked underneath the seat ahead.  She stayed there until we reached the scheduled stop at Winnipeg.  We had arrived early so had an hour and a half wait.  I took Shandy into a Men's
washroom as they would not let me go in the Girl's with her. She then found she could not reach the toilets so, fortunately, there was a good ceramic floor that needed a bit of liquid.  With no one else there, removal of
evidence was easy.

Shandy had received plenty of attention from many of the passengers and the cabin crew so the next portion of the flight to Calgary was made with no problems. She enjoyed her big meals, en route, of a couple of tablespoons of water with honey mixed in. Licking the last vestige of the honey she went off to sleep. and roused just before reaching Vancouver. The cabin crew were most helpful and co-operative.

Within a few minutes we were met by Bobby who was surprised that the 'friend of his Dad's' that they were meeting was his Grandpa and, even more, there was a puppy too! Grandma was there too and the whole airport was lit up with the flash of cameras - all Valerie's, of course.

Home was soon reached and a new chapter in the life of Shandy was ready to be unfolded - but that may come later.

Shandy at 3 months

She's still looking more like a retriever than poodle.   We're having fun with her and she's approx. 32lbs or so at 5 1/2 months. I probably have the only doodle that sheds. Yikes!   She is very bright though and learns quickly.  

Shandy, like the other females from this litter looks very much the retriever

Such a sweet, sweet
little lady

She's a very pretty girl but she sheds alot which I really didn't want but what can you do.   I'm brushing her as often as I can to reduce the amount that ends up on my black pants.   GRRRRRR!!!

Shandy and her master.  
I'm not sure who's the boss.