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Monte's Page

Monte lives in Toronto with Julie and Michael.   He was born on March 28, 2001 on Lovina's farm in Ontario and is a littermate to Moby and Alfred.

Monte at about
10 months old

...a handsome Dood

where my story started......

We've had Monte for 4 weeks now and he's awesome. Still getting up at night but that's ok. Loves going up and down the stairs and laying in the grass.

Monte is incredibly smart, he's already stopping at the curb and sitting before we cross the street, at 12 weeks old! Since we're right downtown, I want to make sure he knows what he's doing when we're out and about.

Monte at 14 weeks is clever....
...and handsome
Oh Boy, a prezzie!
Hey, I'm not sure about this....
never mind....It tastes great!
Here's a pic of Monte

and his only sister Moby

We had a pug houseguest for Christmas. Her name was Smidge, or Midgey-muffin for short.

Monte loved her and even though there is quite a size difference, they played really well together.

Monte got fixed yesterday so were having a calm and sleepy day. Dreaming about snow probably.

Loves the stuff.