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Jake's Page

Jake was born on March 28, 2001 and is named after St. Jacobs, his birthplace.  His mother was a golden "Queenie" and his dad a white standard poodle "Bentley".  He now shares his life in Lachine, Quebec with Sue & John.  His littermates on this site are Jessie, Aspen, Oakley, Scout, Shandy and Doodles.

Jake at 10 weeks old
They are fabulous dogs. He is smart, loving, fun and  sleeps whenever given a chance.

We are using the book "smarter than you think" as a basis for our training and it is going very well. Almost from when we picked him up at Lovina's he came when called. He now knows how to sit, give us his paw and fetch a ball and only has the occasional "accident". He has almost stopped biting people's hands and is starting to get the message about jumping up on people to greet them.

It is hard to get mad when he does bad stuff because he is soooooo cute!

Jake on his first day home, checking out our son's kitchen floor.
Jake getting to know our son's dog Mackenzie (a golden retriever). Does he really think he can boss around such a big dog!

Jake and Mackenzie hanging out

Jake checking out the first crop of dandelions with our grandson Matthew.

Here are a couple of new photos taken of Jake last week when he was 4 months old and just looking cute in our backyard.

Such a handsome young man...

Aspen, Jake (centre) and Jessie are part Golden Retriever, part Poodle and part Eagle!
It's a family thing.

Jake will be 1 yr. old at the end of the month.  He is still very frisky when visitors come to the house but the rest of the time he is gentle and quiet and obedient.  His coat has become a bit darker as he aged and now that it is spring he is actually shedding a bit (guess that is the golden retriever hair!)  The rest of the season I would classify him as a very light shedder.

This is a photo of Jake (18 mo.) just to give you an idea of how big he has grown - don't you think he looks like a small horse? This will give prospective goldendoodle owners an idea of how their hair looks when they are fully grown.

Jake (18 mo.) fooling around trying to get my attention.

Jake (18 mo.) after running around the yard for 15 min.

There is nothing he likes to do more (with the exception of inhaling food) than running, goldendoodles look fab. at full gallop with their hair blowing in the wind.

Jake is in his Christmas attire sporting a plaid scarf and two big red bells. We really know where he is at all times!

He is so gentle and patient with the grandkids which surprises me because he doesn't see them every day. Can't seem to break him of the habit of darting out the door and across the street (eeek!) - he knows "sit & stay" really well when we are present but if someone else opens the door he is off like a gazelle - think he needs a farmer's field to run around in.

Potential owners should know that even though goldendoodles don't shed much their hair grows like crazy but they look gorgeous with short, medium or long hair.

#1 shows him  
#2 shows him long haired in the snow of Feb. 2004

long haired in the snow of Feb. 2004

short haired enjoying our deck in June 2004