Shadow & Sunny's Page
Sunny & Shadow were born on Lovina's farm at the end of November 2000.  They now live in Thornhill, Ontario with the Sterling Family.


Shadow is a beautiful black female with curly hair. Her Dad is a Golden Retriever named Luthor. Her Mom is a Standard Black Poodle named Diamond. There were 8 born in her litter, half black, half gold. Each colour has 1 female and 3 males. Her fur is very curly. She will probably be a lot like her mom.
Shadow at 14 weeks
(try to get a picture
of a black dog!!)
Shadow at 3½ weeks
Shadow at 10 weeks
Shadow at 7 weeks

Shadow at 4 months

at 5½ months
Shadow and Sky

catching some rays

Shadow  is a well-behaved little Dood and extremely intelligent.  She has been house trained since 7½ weeks old - she rings a bell to ask to go out (also to let the cat in!)   She enjoys sleeping beside our feet, but is also independant and takes time to be alone once in a while.  She spends most of her waking hours romping with Sunny, her best bud.


Sunny was the largest male of his litter, 'cos he's a macho kind of guy. He is cream coloured with just a bit of waviness to his fur. His Mom is a Golden Retriever named Sunshine. His Dad is a Standard White Poodle named Bentley. There were 8 born, and 7 to survive in his litter, all cream coloured, 2 females and 5 males. His fur has a bit of a wave to it, similar to all his litter mates. He'll probably look a lot like his Mom. He was by far the largest in his litter, at least half again as large as the runt of the litter.  His littermate is Shelby.

Sunny at 3½ weeks

Sunny at 10 weeks

Sunny at 14 weeks
Sunny at 7 weeks

Sunny and Maddie 4 months

a wet doodle,

at 5½ months

Sunny is camouflaged in the snow, especially at night. As Madison says, "All you can see is two floating eyes and a nose."  

Sunny is a sweet natured little boy.   His best thing is playing with Shadow. He's quite a bit bigger than her but he's really quite gentle with her.   He's definitely has a lot of retriever to him - he's goofy, playful and very affectionate.

Both dogs are a pleasure to be with. They have been to several of our kids' hockey games, and a variety of other places and they are extremely well-behaved. They play with anybody interested, and then curl up at our feet and have a nap.

We go daily for our romp in a local leash-free ravine, where they enjoy 1½ - 2 hours of playing, swimming and socializing with other dogs.   I've been meaning to train them, but I get such pleasure just watching them interact with each other - I don't want to intrude just yet.

And 5½ months old, they still sleep together.....

Sunny & Shadow
10 weeks

Asleep in the water dish!!
Whadaya mean I can't come in?

Maddie and her Doodles
14 weeks

Hardy Canadians!
(in a nightgown and boots)
with her Doodles

Sunny & Shadow
frolicking in their
favourite stream

5½ months old
tag in the meadow

Puppies in progress......
Shadow at 7 weeks
Shadow at 5½ months

Sunny at 7 weeks
Sunny aka Jacques at 5½ months
Just put on a tam
and hand him a cafe au lait

S & S

9 months old

and more gorgeous each day

The Doods

and The Girls

Awenda 2001
One morning in the tent,
Sunny stretched, and we realized that if he stood on 2 legs,
 he'd be taller than each of us!

rock leaping at Awenda


diving into the water

These dogs were born to swim!

These were taken at a get-together, in early June, 2002.

Scooby, Pat, Shadow,
Blue & Sunny

I don't know about you -
but I tend to get a lot of these 'nose shots'

Shadow with her new 'lamb' haircut


in his shaggy magnificance

Le Gang

Summer 2002
We've got some new shots of the kids and Doods, taken at Awenda - our favourite summer camping ground.  The Doods are over a year and a half now, and they continue to amaze me.  They are the most wonderful companions -  gentle, clever, and endearing.  They continue to be non-shedding and easy on people with allergies.
This summer the Sterling girls got into biking trails - and we trained the Doods to jog beside the bikes, Sunny with me, Blue, and Shadow with Madison.  As with anything else we've introduced them to, it took about 5 minutes to train them.  Other than the incident with the squirrel (they are still young, and the squirrel was mighty tempting), they stayed with us at all times.


summer of '02

Sunny, Paul, K.C.,
Shadow & Delaney

Awenda '02

the girls...

...just hangin' out

Every evening at sunset,

two teenage guys, in baseball caps and jeans,

 serenaded us with bagpipes!

How wonderfully

For those who give so much to keep us safe,
Thank you.

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