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Shelby's Page

Shelby  lives with the Agassiz family in Vancouver B.C. The family had been looking for a goldendoodle for at least a year!!! In their search  they found a women in Toronto who was also looking for one. Through her they found Shelby, their 4 month old Goldendoodle who was born on November 24, 2000 in Ontario.   She is a littermate of Sunny.

"We just love Shelby.  She is a wonderful pet....great with the kids and very smart."

Beautiful Shelby

has acquired a completely unique trait

she's turning pink!

Shelby's beginnings.......
After a hard day
practising with her band
Shelby needs a little
down time
a perfect
little lady
sleepy doodle
it's time for my walk

.....let's go!

Shelby is now 8 months old.  These are some new pics of the girl.  
She sure looks like Sunny, eh?


enjoying her first summer
Which is more beautiful?

Shelby or

her surroundings

Was there really a choice?!