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Dipsy Doodle's Page

This is the story of Dipsy Doodle.....

We (David & Dawn) had done some research and had decided to get a doodle.  Three days after sending out some initial inquiries about breeders, Dawn was running some errands near downtown.  She came back to our little station wagon with some things to put in the back. She put down some boxes on the pavement and opened the hatch. Then she bent down to pick up the boxes and stood back up to put them in the car. Laying down inside the cargo compartment of the wagon was a puppy!

Dawn thought she was dreaming until the puppy got up and started licking her face ! Would you believe it looked exactly like a doodle! (this is where the theme for the twilight zone would start playing). The pup must have jumped in the car when Dawn bent down to pick up the boxes.

Anyway, we drove around to see if we could see any signs of people looking for a puppy, or ropes with collars but no dogs in them, but no luck. We have checked several times with the local shelter, and checked the local papers and bulletin boards, but no one seems to be missing this beautiful little puppy.  She had no collar or indentification of any kind. After 3 weeks of looking for her original owners, we now consider her ours.

She is about 5-6 months old and weighs about 42 lbs with a black wavy coat that appears to be no-low shed (so far).

She is our miracle dog. Our kids call her a gift from God. We call her "Dipsy" Doodle.

Dipsy's first camping trip
checking out the sights...
Dipsy and her adopted mother  'Lady' - a 12 year old Lab

Dipsy came into Toronto in October 2001 to join her extended 'family' at the Toronto Doodle Romp.

Dipsy, dear,
 did you have fun at the romp?

We'll take that as a


Dipsy gets her first hair cut!


Dipsy is about two years old now. It's really hard to get a good picture of a black dog, but I think this one is cute!

Dipsy is about three years old now and a great family companion. She is still full of energy, and as goofy as ever.   Here are a couple of recent pictures of Dipsy and Lady.

15 years old