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Scooby Doo's Page

Scooby was adopted from Rainbow Park in Pickering.  He now lives in Ottawa-Orleans with the Gaudet Family.

Here's his first picture at 6 weeks old - is he not exquisite!!!    Just look at this little face.....

Scooby at 7 weeks

home at last......

....with my tasty new tennis ball
....and my new family
Jared & Jen
Jen & Scooby

The Gaudet Family has said they've gone 'puppy crazy!'

Can you blame them?
Shane & Scooby
8 weeks

Scooby at 9 weeks is settling into his new routine.  Here he is at the home office with his new friend Wires, a 12 year old cat.

Day after day...
at my desk....
What am I?

.....a machine?

He's really a great dog.  He's travelled with us twice now; once last month to Montreal.  

While we were there we visited Grammy in the old age home with Scooby-Doo, he was excellent, very calm, didn't jump, just very well behaved for a 12wk old puppy.  

Last weekend we went camping.  Scooby was off lead most of the time, besides finding every possible rotten , discussing thing  he could find in the woods and eating it, he listened well, even with another dog on the site. Scooby was a mess, covered in sand and dirt, dead leaves and pine needles.   He loved the water and digging holes in the sand under the picnic table.

He took to the water easily and swam very well for his first time.  The kids were amazed
that he knew how without any lessons!  He looks like he will look a lot like Buddy from the web page.  

Scooby at 5.5 months old is 35 pounds and 20 inches at the shoulder.

What a handsome
young man

Scooby's first Christmas
with the Gaudet Family
the things we do for love...

Scooby weighed in at 57 lbs at Xmas, I can't believe he is suppose to put on another 20lbs!!!!!! He's always learning new tricks, keeps the kids and dog busy. He now can 'wave' .

Jared and Scooby


you're growing up to be

one handsome Dood!

Scooby is almost a year old now.....





Scooby's getting Shaggy!

Scooby has just celebrated his 1st Birthday!!!   Happy Birthday Scoobs!

Happy Birthday to you...

Happy Birthday to you....

Happy Birthday Scoobmeister....

Happy Birthday to you.....

....and many more........

He doesn't look too impressed!

Halloween 2002 -  I just couldn't resist the temptation. One pic is with the ears up in a
ponytail!  You just got to love these dogs when they put up with all this stuff.