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Jessie's Page

Jessie was born on March 28th, 2001 on Lovina's farm in Ontario.   She now  resides in Pennsylvania.  Jessie's littermates on this site are Jake, Oakley, Aspen, Scout, Shandy and Doodles.

We've been very busy with Jessie - what a smart little doodle! It's been a long time since we've experienced puppy stuff and we're havin' fun!

Here's Jessie playing with her new ball....
 here's Jessie taking a nap.....
Play, nap...
nap, play....
growing up is a lot of work...

Jessie is growing like a weed - 15" tall and about 17pounds at 11 ½ weeks. She has long poodle legs and prances around. I think she is going to be tall.  I also think two dogs are wonderful companions to each other. In another year or two we will probably get another dog.

 I think I'd love another doodle.

just 10 weeks old

and I'm growing so big....
it's these 'people cushions'
I like the best!

hey mom,

are we goin' somewhere?
airborn in Pennsylvania....

it's a family trait

Jessie is growing up so fast - here's the girl at 5 months of age.

An evening at home...
summer at the beach

oh yes....a dog's life.....

Jessie is all grown up now!

new toy for the birthday girl

Happy Birthday Jessie!

Birthday cake!


treats for everybody!

a beautiful Dood

tasty toesies!

Here's a new picture of Jessie which was taken right after her last "trim". I found a woman who does a pretty good job without "shaving" her. Jessie always comes out happy and with a pretty scarf on. I think she loves all the attention she gets there.

pretty Jessie