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Aspen's Page

Aspen was born on March 28th, 2001 at Lovina's Farm on Ontario.  He now lives with Jeremy in Cincinnati, OH.  His littermates on this site are Jake, Oakley, Jessie, Shandy and Doodles.


airborn in Cincinnati
Nature's Child
He is doing great.  Growing like a weed (was 12 lbs when we got him at 8 weeks, and at 15 weeks he is about 30lbs).  He is starting the puppy head start class in two weeks.  

He is a very smart dog, he learned to sit and shake in about an hour or so.  He is pretty obedient, but still has the normal puppy distractions.  House training was a breeze.  He only had an accident in the house a few times, and after 2 weeks he was housebroken. (I think crate training was a big part of this.)  
Aspen's littermates

and his mom


We have an updated picture of Aspen - now 7 months old