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Alfred's Page

Alfred was born on March 28, 2001 at Lovina's farm in Ontario.  He now lives in South Dakota with the Past Family.  His littermates on this site are Moby and Monte.

Alfred, at 9 weeks,  has taken to family life pretty good and is doing good on house training and is sleeping through the night, as long as we don¹t give him any water after six.  We¹ve taken him to a private trainer for 2 sessions which have been very helpful ( he starts puppy classes tomorrow).   He now sits, fetches a little and will walk nicely on  a  leash.  He¹s still not quite as affectionate as I'd expected and likes to nip a lot (which may be his way of showing affection), which we are working on.  More importantly he seems to like our 7 year old son, Elliot alot.  Alfred is continuing to do better each day.

The handsome boy.....
atop his throne
nibbles to Elliot...

Just thought that we would update you on Alfred.  He has had a very busy summer.  We moved to  a different house.  He has gotten used to his new surroundings pretty well.  A few "accidents" on the carpeting, but, all and all his house training is doing good.

Alfred has been through puppy class and beginning obedience class and is now taking intermediate obedience.  Alfred was a very aggressive puppy when we first got him.   We really didn't let him play with the kids much as he was just too aggresive with them.  At about 4 months he really changed a lot. He became calmer, most of the time and a lot more affectionate.  He seems to love everybody he meets and the feeling usually seems mutual.

a wet Doodle,

at 4 months
Alfred at 5 months,

his throne is looking smaller....

Marie still has trouble controlling him sometimes, but at least she now really likes him and is no longer afraid of him.  He still sleeps in the kennel at night and when we are out, but, otherwise has free run of the house.  He loves taking clothes out of our closets.  Alfred was neutered last Monday and appears to have recovered from it well.

We are very happy with our "furr ball".  He does not shed.  At 5 1/2 months he weighed 38 pounds.

Alfred is now one year old! He is a pretty good boy, having gone to charm school. He loves everybody he meets, and has a girlfriend around the corner. His best buddy Maizy is a Border Collie who can hold her own in rough and tumble dog play. Alfred now weighs 54.6 pounds, is a veteran counter surfer, loves to eat anything, with a special fondness
for pencils and five dollar bills. (We haven't trained our children to keep things out of reach yet.)

Alfred has learned to go get the newspaper! He can't wait to run out and get our morning paper, and the neighbor's too, if he can get another treat! Our kids have taught him to go down slides also. He does the other stuff , too, like sit, stay, down, but performs those better for "Dad" than "Mom". He loves to tease our two cats, but takes a back seat to them at the water bowl. Alfred has come a long way and fits in nicely in our family.

bath time for Alfred!