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Willow & Sage

On the eve of June 22nd, 2001, Clover gave birth to 2 pups fathered by Harley, Willow and Sage.

Willow and Sage
at their first photoshoot

3 weeks old
If Mom's a Labradoodle
and Dad's a Goldendoodle.....

Willow and Sage are....

Harley is almost 13 years old and time was running out for him to produce an heir, so Clover had been artificially inseminated with Harley's sperm.  

The first, a big (1 3/4lb), mellow, female was born at 11 p.m. The 2nd (I was beginning to despair)was born 3 hours later--a smaller (1 1/4 lb)cranky,vocal male. With only 2 pups and 10 HUGE nipples I'm sure he will grow quickly. Clover has assumed complete responsibility and is an attentive and concerned Mom.

By a week old both had DOUBLED in weight.  The  female was 3 lbs. and the male, not far behind at 2½.

Harley & Clover
with their pups

4 week old update -
Willow, the female, looks very much like a lab although her hair is a bit thicker and longer.  She looks like the puppies on the front of a dog food bag or in a commercial.  She has a wonderful temperament--sweet and mellow--quiet and affectionate.  Her development is consistently about 3 days ahead of Sage's and we suspect she may have been conceived during the first  A.I. while Sage was conceived during the second attempt--just a theory.  

What Sage lacks in the temperament department he more than makes up for when it comes to looks.  He may soon be the most handsome dog on the planet.  He is almost white with touches of pale beige and his hair is thick, long and very wavy.  His ears are long and covered with layers of soft waves.  He almost looks like a spaniel.  He has caught up and passed Willow in weight and is going to be a very big dog.  

Willow at 4 weeks -

such a sweet little face...
Sage at 4 weeks -

a handsome boy...
Willow & Sage doin' what
puppies do best.....

cuddle and snooze
it's grooming time for

Clover & Sage

out and about at the picnic
Willow & Sage at 7 weeks
 and 14 pounds each
Clover, with Joan's help, has given Harley a perfect heir, a near duplicate male.

Sage has gone home to live with his Dad Harley.  

Willow, sweet and delightful, will be staying with her Mom Clover, and Joan
Golden Retriever is our Aunt Thistle--
no relation, but a wonderful caretaker
as you can see.