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Dexy's Page

Dexy arrived from Glen Eden in late April and now shares her life with Sandy and Will in Massachussetts.

The airplane ride was obviously traumatic but she quickly warmed up and latched on to my husband and I. The last two days have been busy with activity and commotion, but she has made herself at home.

We've named her Dexy after a band in the 80's, Dexy's Midnight Runners, who had one smash hit "Come on Eileen." We think our Goldendoodle is a one hit wonder too!

At 8 weeks old she's full of energy and proven to be one smart little pup. She's responding to our commands when we go outside and she's even figured out how to tell us when she needs to go!

Dexy is definitely one smart doodle. Today she mastered the stairs out to our back yard - going up and down. And she walked around the block on the leash! We're amazed with her capacity to learn and grow.

little devil!


I'm just a sweet little girl

Dexy at 10 weeks old

Dexy's been with us for almost 3 weeks and we're still enjoying every minute of her. Somedays I want her to stay this cute and little forever.

At 10½ weeks old - she's mastered "sit" and when we ask her to "shake" she offers her paw.  Since she hasn't had all of her shots she can't attend puppy school yet - so we're holding classes of our own.  She's one smart little doodle.

Now, if I lie down in the grass.....I'll get the cutest little picture...
Here I am with some of my really neat toys...

Y'no, life here is really good!

Mom calls this pic 'Dexy Scooby'

Scooby dooby doo!!!

Dexy's amazing - she surprises us with something new every day. The other day my husband took her to camp and she discovered the lake... it wasn't really a full "swim" but more of a gallop through the water. We'll be back at camp this weekend and hope she will give it another try.

If you haven't already guessed, we are having the most fun with our doodle!
Tomorrow she'll be 4 months old! She's growing up so fast.

13 weeks old

...a dapper doodle
Are we there yet?
this is my little bud...fatcat
tennis anyone?

Dexy 14 weeks

growing up so fast....
Dexy's boyfriend, Dakota,  is a Chinook who lives next door. She's completely smitten with him.

Almost 5 times her size, it's amazing how gentle he is when they play together.
Dexy at  4 months old

Happy Birthday Dexy Doodle!

It's amazing how the Goldendoodle Web site has grown in the last month. There are so many new faces - it's great. It's so much fun to look back and see how the different Doodles are growing and how they change.

More pics?
It's been over a month since I've sent you new pictures of Dexy. She's just over five months and we still love her to pieces.

Where's the stick?

Good girl!
Dexy, I don't think you can
squeeze under that door,  dear.

December 2001 update -

We're doing great! Last week we moved from Maine to Massachusetts. Dexy was a real trooper during the move. You could tell that she was aware that something was going on but didn't seem to react to the change. We quickly got back on our routine and she's amazing as usual.

At 9 months Dexy is
45 pounds.

Prior to moving we tracked down some Doodle owners in Boston. On Thursday we spent a few hours with Oakley and his owner. What a treat! It was amazing to see the two Doods together. They had so much fun running on the beach! Dexy and Oakley are a month apart, Dexy is older, and Oakley towers her in size.

Dexy & Otis

We did some training for pet therapy when we were still in Portland. The training is mostly for the owner or handler - but they like to see how the dogs react around people. Our obedience teacher got us involved - he is certified to give the licenses. Dexy is incredibly good-natured and loves to be admired - she is quite suited to do therapy visits. She can't get her tag until she is one... but she has done all of the training work. It would be nice to do some community service with her.

Our favorite pet store in Maine, Fetch, had a Halloween contest. So we dressed up Dexy and her best buddy Otis (a pug) as Mr. Rorke & Tattoo from the 80's television show Fantasy Island. They won a prize for Best Celebrity ImPAWster. You can see some of their competition at http://www.fetchorama.com/events.html

Tattoo & Mr. Rorke

Dexy had her first birthday on February 23rd. To celebrate we had a birthday reunion with one of her brothers/littermates - Reilly!

Dexy & Riley

His family, The Holt's, tracked us down through the Goldendoodle Web site and we've been able to see them a few times. Dexy and Reilly were in a litter of 8 - five boys and three girls.


We still haven't been able to locate the others. Reilly is 20 pounds bigger than Dexy but equally as loveable and playful as his "little sister."

Dexy & Cleo

Cleo (who you'll see in several of the photos) is Dexy's best buddy (or gal pal as we like to call her) since moving to Boston. Cleo is a Wheaten Terrier. On a regular basis people stop to ask if Dexy and Cleo are related. Sometimes they are even mistaken for one another.

I've been pursuing a new career in graphic design and Dexy has been an easy subject for my projects.

Dexy -

Snow Princess


Sun Goddess


ice cream

Dexy's great. It's amazing how the Goldendoodle community has grown, online and in our own neighborhood! Zeus lives in our neighborhood and we see him and his owner Chris on a regular basis at the dog park.



Dexy will be four in February... she is still the same wonderful, loving dog.  (We) bought a children's summer camp in Cape Cod, Massachusetts!  It's called Camp Wingate Kirkland - you can check out our Web site at www.campwk.com.