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Harley & Clover's Page

Harley was a Goldendoodle from Santa Barbara, California.  We had our Harleydoodle for 15 joyous years. An accidental fence jumping by the late actress Natalie Wood's male Standard Poodle "Noodles" resulted in an eyebrow raising surprise of 8 pups to the neighboring Golden. All were cream with wavy fur and most lived here in Santa Barbara, California.

Harley is as close to perfect as I've ever seen in a dog. Loving, loyal, obedient, smart, and entertaining.

Hundreds of people have stopped us over the years to say what a beautiful dog we have and inquire about the breed. He is gentle with children (even babies that pull on his fur and ears) and lays down submissively with other dogs ready to play.
Harley with one of his pals (kittens we were minding for the local shelter).

We have anticipated our devastation at the end of his life and have bred him with a Standard who has had some beige pups. Harley has discovered sex at age 85 (in human years), but we don't know yet if there will be pups.  We are hoping to keep his breed going.
....see the next page for the good news!

He's pictured with Joan's dog,  a two year old female, Clover the Labradoodle from  Kate Schoeffel's kennels  (Kate's Family Pets) in Australia.

Clover and Harley
sharing a magic moment under the maple


Clover and Harley