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Little Doode's Page

Hi, My name is Little Doode, that wasn't always my name, when I was just a little guy with my Mommy and Brothers & Sisters I was called 'Puppy'. I was born on 11/4/4 in Forrest City, Iowa, that is so far north that it is almost in Minnesota. It gets really cold up there.

When I was a little guy, I had different people then I have now, I had two girls, 1 boy, 1 mom and 1 dad, who was also my veterinarian, I think that was pretty cool. They took really good care of us. This is me and one of my brothers. I am the cute one on the left.

This is a picture of me and the littlest girl in my first family. We always
had great times playing.

Have you ever seen four better looking brothers?  I am of course the cutest
of them all.  We really enjoyed playing in the snow with our kids. This is
when I was 13 weeks old with Ceara, Caitlin & Garrett.

When I was 15 weeks old, I left my mother and my first family and went to live with my new family (all of my brothers and sisters left before I did, I was the last kid left home with Mom, and Grandma). My new family changed my name from Puppy to Little Doode, but usually just call me 'Doode'. My new family has two girls for me to play with Alaina & Anna. When I went to live with my new family I weighed 25 pounds.

I went to the Vet last week, when I was 16 weeks old and I weighed in at 31 pounds. She said she thinks I am going to be a 'big boy'. My family is beginning to think that they should have named me 'big doode', not 'little doode'.

Tomorrow is my 4 month birthday. I am going to go play at the park with my family.

'Some people say I am spoiled... I think that is crazy. This is me with my
oldest girl Alaina. We are great friends.'

This is my dad, Lanny, people say I look just like him... Or maybe not just
like him... But there is a definite resemblance! Do you see it?

These are my girls, Alaina and Anna, we love to play together, sometimes Angel plays too, she is the golden retriever that lives next door. I am now 4 months old, mommy weighed me today, I am 37 pounds. She said I am almost getting to heavy to lift.

playing with my girls

I'm 5 months old now, and weigh 42 pounds. Mom says I am still too young to smoke, but I sure like to chew...

Only on my stuff of course

This is me with my neighbor, Scout, we are both Doodles, he is a Labradoodle
and only 4 days younger then I am, our girls are only 7 days apart as well.
We are all great friends.

Are we two fast doodes or what, but no matter how fast I run, I cannot catch my tongue, but Scout can't catch me either.

Dog or pillow....

Doode keeps growing

This is me at 6 months and they tell me that there is only one word that
describes me..  'Happy'.

Little Dood at 8 months --

Here I am waiting to take
 my girl for a walk.

Here I am 9 months old, sending my girl 'Alaina' off to school.

I love to go swimming and then I jump into the swing to dry off.

Did I mention that I am a boating doode?

I am a great swimmer and love to retrieve from the water.

My favorite place is to lie on the fireplace hearth, but for some reason it appears to be shrinking...

4 months

6 months

10 months

I just had my 'big boy' hair cut, what do you think... I am nearly 27" tall and weigh 65 lbs.

Mom said she thinks I am done growing.

7 month Doode at the river

Everyone in my family seems to be getting smaller laps....