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Dogs with Sable colouring are born with either chocolate or black coats.   A pup will shed its chocolate coat, growing in an adult coat of gold or silver/gold with brown tips on ears, beard/mustache, tail or feet.  A pup born with a black coat will grow in a silver adult coat with black tips.
K locus alleles determine the colouring pattern of a dog's coat. Sable dogs carry ky/ky

Other Doodles
First Generation
First Generation
F1b  (Backcross)
F2B  (2ND Generation Backcross)


 First Generation Goldendoodles

 F1b  (backcross) Goldendoodles

Molly at 1 week
Molly as an adult

 F2B  (2nd generation backcross) Goldendoodles

 First Generation Labradoodles
 F1b  (backcross) Labradoodles
 Multigeneration Labradoodles

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