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A Parti coloured dog has a coat that is at least 50% white with patches of any solid colour

The term abstract refers to dogs with less than 50% white on any solid colour.  This includes white patches on any or all of: feet, chest (tuxedos), chin (milk chin).
S locus alleles (or MITF gene) determine the degree and distribution of spotting.  Parti dogs have a MITF gene that causes large patches with no colour.  

Other Doodles
First Generation
F1b  (Backcross)
F1b  (Backcross)
F2B  (2ND Generation Backcross)


 First Generation Goldendoodles
Teddy pup - Apricot Abstract
Teddy at 18 wks
to be continued...

 F1b  (backcross) Goldendoodles

 F2B  (2nd generation backcross) Goldendoodles

 First Generation Labradoodles

 F1b  (backcross) Labradoodles

 Multigeneration Labradoodles
Memphis - F3 Tuxedo Abstract pup
Memphis as an adult

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