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lives with Deborah King
and volunteers for

"Our mission is to enrich the lives
of people and pets by bringing them together."

Velma's Pets as Therapy Program provides a trained, Accredited volunteer and pet to visit the people in nursing homes, retirement villages, aged care or health care facilities, with the prime purpose of bringing fun, joy, physical, social and mental stimulation.

Velma and Honey
Velma decided to work in Pet Therapy after experiencing first hand its significant benefits. Velma recovered from a long-term illness, which involved being immobile for 4 years, with the help of her beloved pet poodle, Honey.

"Honey's constant love and affection not only kept me company during those lonely years in bed, she also kept me sane. I don't know how I would have survived without her", Velma explains.

When Velma recovered, she worked with the Delta Society on the Pets as Visitors Program and the Residential Pets Program before starting up these Pet Therapy Programs.

This program was founded in April 1999 due to an increasing number of health care facilities requiring visiting pets and not enough specifically, 'purpose trained' and professional human and pet volunteers to service those facilities.


Murphy-Brown The Wonder Dog

After seeing the benefits of Pet Therapy dogs in America, I was very keen to be a part of this rewarding work at home. After doing extensive research, I joined Velma’s Pets as Therapy.

This is a highly professional, Sydney based company that allows volunteers to gain not only extensive knowledge through a correspondence training course, but also hands-on expert dog trainers that give the volunteers the support and confidence to train their pets to such a high standard.

Deborah King

Murphy-Brown and Deborah work as volunteers through the Sydney based company,  Velma’s Pets as Therapy

Murphy-Brown was bred by Dr. Kate Schoeffel of Kate's Family Pets in N.S.W., Australia


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Velma's Pets as Therapy
P.O. Box 324
Killara, NSW 2071, Australia

Phoning: (02) 9418 4343
Faxing : (02) 8819 6770