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Paige works for NEADS

National Education for Assistance Dog Services   
since 1976

NEADS is a national non-profit organization in Princeton, MA  that trains highly-skilled dogs to assist people who are deaf, hearing impaired or physically disabled in leading more independent lives.  These Assistance Dogs become an extension of their owners and bring security, freedom, independence and relief from social isolation to their human partners.

NEADS, one of the oldest and largest programs of it's kind, was the first to use facility-based training to develop a strong working relationship between the student and his dog.  Since 1976, NEADS has trained over 725 working dogs for service across the United States. Many were homeless dogs rescued from animal shelters.

NEADS has trained hearing dogs to respond to sounds for a person who cannot hear.  Service dogs pick up dropped articles, retrieve, turn on/off light switches, pull wheelchairs.  NEADS has recently applied the service dog concept to the classroom environment.  Service dogs' skills are integrated into the curriculum so that the dog becomes teacher, motivator, or reward for children with physical, emotional or developmental disabilities.

Paige, a female Goldendoodle is now over a year old and has completed one of our prison programs.

She is a very smart pup.  The inmate who had raised her has raised a dog for us before and so has a fair amount of experience in training tasks and obedience.

Paige is fetching all different kinds of items, tugging open doors and turning lights on and off.  Her obedience is very good as well.

Paige is now back at the NEADS kennel and has begun her formal training.

Here is a  photo of Paige at work with one of our trainers. She is sporting her new working do and I think looking more Poodle-y than ever.

She is an excellent worker that loves to fetch anything that's dropped in her vicinity and is the picture of confidence when out in public (not to mention a real attention getter).


Puppy raisers make it happen by joining NEADS' dedicated circle of friends.  

Paige at 3 months


….donate veterinary services…
         Veterinarians donate medical services to a puppy in their local area through its all-important first year.

…donate well-bred puppies…
         Breeders donate puppies from their litters to be fostered, then trained at the kennel for service.

…donate time and love…
         Spend the first year of a puppy's life getting him ready for life as a service dog.

Pups On Parole

NEADS requires volunteers to spend time with and socialize NEADS' puppies being raised by prison inmates in several Massachusetts correctional institutions.  This fun adventure includes taking the dogs for walks, bringing them to town and to malls, restaurants and anywhere there are other people or dogs.

Puppy Chapters are located in

W. Boylston, MA  (978) 422-9064
White River Jct., VT  (802) 295-4814
N. Saco, ME   (207)  282-0084
Intervale, NH  (603) 356-6144
Johnson City, TN  (423) 928-1364
Pittsfield, MA  (413) 442-8782

Website at     www.neads.org