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STARGAZER LILY     born June 2006 in Pennsylvania

As a doodle in the Hampton's ..Lily lives with her family on the eastern end of Long Island, in the hamlet of Hampton Bays.  "Miss Lily" as she is affectionately known, came into our family in July 2008; she was a rescue.

In our family there was already a 17 yr old rotti-shephard and two cats. Taking on another member wasn't part of the
plan but within a matter of hours she had permanently imprinted.

Miss Lily has taken on the care giving and monitoring of the 17 yr old rotti-shephard "Zoe". Zoe has lost most of her sight and hearing and is very arthritic. Nurse Lily walks Zoe out into the yard several times a day to tend to her needs and guides Zoe in gentle play time at the end of the day. Yes, a puppy in the house does seem to improve the quality of life of the elder pet.

Miss Lily has become a fixture at the local Starbucks each day and is more often seen patiently waiting in the back of her mom's Subaru Forester to return from a business meeting or a Saturday errand. She has become the honorary mascot for several committees her mom serves on. Often she will just sit in the car on the off chance someone will start the engine and take her for a ride.

We attended a holiday street fair (she walks beautifully on lead and through crowds) and a young child approached us…asking "can I pet your dog?". "Of course" was my reply once Lily was commanded to sit. All he wanted to do was to feel her nose. He looked up, politely said "thank you" and went on his way. Lily looked up as if to say "that was fun".

Often times we travel to visit extended family and Miss Lily is always content to be the "guard" on the front porch and survey all that goes on around her.

And when fall comes and it is time to rack up the leaves Miss Lily loves to play hide and seek and dig through the leaves. Sometime she even finds one of her toys deep at the bottom of a huge pile of leaves.

In conclusion "Miss Lily" has changed our lives and it is hard to imagine life without her. She is just the best example of a personality larger than life; the love and patience she shows to everyone is outstanding. She is definitely the best thing that happened in our life. In a time when all news is glum and not promising, "Miss Lily" makes everyone smile.

April, 2009

It is time for spring planting and the selection of just the right plant material … so who better to make that decision than Ms. Lily as she rides along in her Radio Flyer red wagon.  Eventually she would have to leave the comfort of her little red wagon and make room for lush green plants but until then, she is ready for an effortless ride.

STARGAZER LILY update August, 2009

As Labor Day approaches it is time for one more summer grooming so Miss Lily will remain comfortable through the end
of summer. It has been a busy summer including a 4th of July parade, lots of trips to the surfside, visits with friends near
and far, watching the fish swim in endless circles in our pond, and making lots of new friends. My fan club continues to
grow. My “cousins” came to visit and we enjoyed many rides on warm summer days as we head to the beach.

(compliments of www.classycaninehamptons.com)