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Rocky's Page

Here is BLUE!

Rocky's share his life with the Amemiya's family in Gainesville VA. He born in Lanham, MD his mom is standard poodle
and his dad is a goldendoodle. Rocky's weight 55lbs.We remembered that day when we got him, he came from a litter of eight puppies, 5 males and 3 females, it was so hard to pick one. The breeder identify them by a color collar and after three hours of playing and sharing time with the puppies, we decided to get the one with the BLUE collar, who we named ROCKY.

He love to be next to us and of course with his best buddy, our 12 years old son Alonso. He is the most loyalty dog and so good with kids. We love Rocky so much!!!!!!! He is the best dog ever!

First day at home.  Rocky at 8 weeks old and Alonso

Playing with Rocky at the breeder house

Our boys!

He was so shy at his first day at home

Jumping like a bunny!

Wow! just a little big for me!

Rocky at 12 weeks

What a cutie!

Daddy I'm a Doodle not a Poodle

Somebody was very busy in the back yard after a muddy rainy day!

I guess Mom is getting home

Perfect shot!

Rocky at 16 months

Rocky with his buddy maltipoo Mickey

What a fuzzy Doodle!

Celebrating Christmas

Playing fetch in the water

After grooming

I feel so comfortable!

Playin in the snow with a new look