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Norbu's Page

My heart cried as I read your story about Cody on the Goldendoodle website.  He is such a fortunate dog to have found you, you with your patience and determination to make his life a happy one.  Like you, I bought my goldendoodle, Norbu, from a breeder online, sight unseen.  ( Warning - be careful about breeders, don't buy online without knowing the conditions. )  I  was still grieving the loss of my precious Labrador, who died when she was over fifteen years old, and I needed someone to fill the hole left in my life.  

When he was eight weeks old, I went to pick up Norbu, I found that he'd never been nursed by his golden retriever mom, who was sick when he was born, but I hadn't been told anything about that.  And the house where he and lots of other dogs and puppies were, smelled yukky, because it was impossible to keep their area (the kitchen and dining area) clean.  Little Norbu was thin and ate as though famished when I got him home.  Less than three weeks after I got him, he exhibited the symptoms of a spinal virus which caused him extreme agony.  It took many examinations and over $1000 to rule out other really awful things that could have been causing him his pain.  

Eventually he recovered, and I was able to stop dreading his sudden screaming and running as the pain would take hold of him.  He grew and chewed and grew some more.  After losing lots of furniture to him, I moved house to a place with a yard where he could go outside and entertain himself, protecting us from birds, cats, lizards and the people who frequent the church next door.  I can't walk with him very well, because Norbu knocks me over easily, so I take him to doggy day camp at least twice a week.  He comes home from camp and sleeps a lot for the next day and a half.  Norbu is now almost three years old.  He weighs a little over 90 pounds and is the cutest, dearest, most affectionate dog I've ever known.  I couldn't love any being more than I love him.

Marigold & Norbu
hanging out
Norbu & Auntie Fran

Norbu Christmas 2007
Marigold in charge

Norbu looking beautiful