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Miss Murphy's Page

These pictures do not begin to show the amount of snowballs and ice balls that accumulate on Miss Murphy (aka Murphy) when she goes out in a certain type of snow here in WNY.  

Of course, she was highly insulted with the "get-ups" we came up with to try to keep a certain type of snow off her since it was so hard to remove from her curls.  I think if she could speak she would have said that no respectable dog would go out looking like she did in her knee socks and heavy brown panty hose!!  Needless to say, she didn't keep them on for long. She was 13 mos. old in December when these were taken.  

Spring is on its way so now our next challenge will be dealing with the mud in our yard as the snow melts, and spring showers set in!!  It will get better once the grass really takes hold again, but I'm afraid that will be awhile in coming.

You have one picture of her dressed up for Halloween posted on your website.

She continues to be a joy and is a very good girl most of the time.  

Easter Sunday 4-4-2010
Oh, no, not again, says Murphy

Easter Sunday 2010
 Murphy says don't you people ever get tired of embarrassing me

Murphy & her BFF Blossom - taking a break till they re-energize so they can get back to playtime!!.

They insist on dressing me for these holidays - Yeesh - what's a doodle to doodly-do!!

4th of July 2010
Miss Murphy - a real Yankee Doodle Dandy

4th of July Star
Miss Murphy - pardon the legs that snuck into my photo

Who cares about fireworks - my bff Blossom is coming for a sleepover tonight - we'll make our own fireworks

Miss Murphy - Curly Girly - Don't you just love my new hair-do

Today is Miss Murphy's 2nd birthday.  She is such a great dog, sweet tempered, smart, lovable..can be a little stubborn at times (and sometimes I say she acts a little strange when the moon is full - lol), but most of the time she is just a wonder and a joy to be around.  She is very patient most of the time. As you can see she poses for me quite nicely. Although, she may start to get camera shy if she sees me coming around with anymore crazy headpieces, though.  I saw the hairband and flower accessory she's wearing in these photos at the beauty salon I go to when I was there the other day.  The sign said they were for girls up to age 5 years old.  And I said, what the heck, she qualifies, and that was that!!  And using all my artistic abilities, I came up with the "fancy" 2.  Well, that's a bit of a stretch, but it was the best I could do.  

The other shot was taken at a place where I take Murphy and my grandpuppy, Blossom (my daughter's 1-1/2 yr old Golden Retriever) on Saturday afternoons.  The owner does doggie daycare, dog training classes and indoor play groups, and more.  Murphy is also in one of the classes there training for Canine Good Citizen test.  And after that I hope we'll be on our way to some training for Miss M to become a therapy dog.  She's doing great.  Everyone who meets her, including the trainer and her groomer, tell me they have no doubt that she will be a wonderful therapy dog.  I hope so.  It's something I really want to do and think she'd enjoy it also since she loves people so much and not much seems to bother her in way of strange noises, etc..  I'm thinking of nursing home visits or maybe specially challenged folks, but maybe sick children, also.  We'll see.
Murphy poses for a shot while sitting on the playtable

Miss Murphy turns 2

A few photos of Murphy, for viewing pleasure, taken after mother nature dropped 3 feet of snow on our part of WNY last week.  At first she didn't like it at all. We live in a raised ranch and the deck and stairs were no where to be found...buried under snow, of course.  Snow was much too deep, heavy & wet for her to navigate without our making some pathways for her.  Once she could maneuver though, there was no stopping her.  She definitely needs a snowsuit and some high muk-luks...so hard to "de-snow & de-ice" her!!!

Miss Murphy -  Snowy Doodle

Murphy & Blossom  -  her BFF

Murphy said she was only looking

Murphy tries to get the snow off her paws -
she does not like to be de-iced when she comes in

Murphy with snowballs again!