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Milo's Page

Milo is a male F1 Goldendoodle born on 09-09-09. His mom is a Golden Retriever and his dad is a standard cream Poodle. I have not even had my little Milo for a whole week yet but I already can not figure out how I ever lived without him. Him is such a joy to have around and his silly antics bring a smile to my face everytime I look at him. I can already tell he is going to be quite a ham, and do whatever he can to get attention. His first night home I gave him a bath and used a blow dryer on him and he didnt seem to mind one bit as long as he was getting attention. I cant wait until he is old enough to go to puppy kindergarten. In these photos Milo is only 7 weeks old. One is just Milo being his cute little self and the other is the trademark Doodle preferred napping position. I look forward to watching my little man grow and updating his page as he goes.

Eva Day Lewis Richmond, Va

Milo while he is sitting on the golf cart waiting for a ride

 Milo with his Christmas jester collar on

Milo staking claim on my bed