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Max's Page

Max at 2 years

Max is a Desert Dood.   He lives in Mesa, Arizona, USA.

He was born in August of 2005. We were lucky enough to stumble upon him in a mall pet store - not an ideal circumstance, but after thoroughly checking him out, we brought him home, and he's been a perfect boy!

He weighs in at 76 pounds and seems a bit taller than other Doods he's met.

As do most Arizonans, he has a backyard pool and swims laps on his own when it gets too hot.

During the summer he sports a shorter haircut, so he can dry out faster, but during the rest of the year his coat fills out nicely.

He's AKC CGC certified and has trained to be a therapy dog at our local hospital, through Therapy Dogs Inc.  Max has now received his certification as a Therapy Dog. He'll start regular visits to Banner Desert Hospital, here in Mesa, shortly.

During our visits to the hospital, everyone loves him.  We've already explained what a 'Golden Doodle' is so many times, we're sick of hearing our own voices.

His biggest challenge is maintaining focus - he's so very curious! He wants to go everywhere, and see & smell everything and everyone.

He demands a morning walk every weekday and visits the great dog park in nearby Tempe on weekends.

He has the most fun, chasing balls or other toys, especially when he's in competition with friends. Once he gains possession, though he doesn't really want to share..
Max is a great and happy dog and a credit to good Doods everywhere.

Ralph, Kathy & Max

Max at  2 months

Max at  2 months

Max at  2 months

Max at  3 months

Max at  5 months

Max at  7 months

Max at  7 months

Max at  7 months

Max at 12 months