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Marley's Page

Let me introduce my self Im Bob Marley Valentino  I am a First Generation GoldenDoodle I was born July 29, 2008 in Grand View Washington I am apricot color and have big brown eyes every one thinks I am handsome, I came to Nevada with my new Dad George we took a two day road trip just before the Holidays I think I did very well on the trip only had one poop accident in the car and my new dad did not even get made he said he was sorry to me for not getting off the freeway  wow what a Dad

I made it to my new home in Nevada and I love it here I get a big crate to sleep in all to my self and I get feed twice a day & I dont have to share it at all, I have new brothers and sisters here too.

Bear shes 15 years old Chow/Lab mix she does not like to play very much no matter how I try mom and dad say she is to old so I have to play nice

we also have what dad calls cats?  the fat one is called Angus hes 9 he lets me lick him, Rocky his 5years old he just likes to swat at my tail and head when I walk by he doesnt like to play much, we also have two rabbits but they live in a cage out back,  I just wonder what they did wrong to have to live in there, guess I better listen relay good

What I like to do in my spar time is sleep in on the weekends and I love to run in the morning and play fetch with mom, she keeps saying I need my routine what ever that is as long as they throw my ball I m good with that ,  I love the snow that is the best ever the feel of it on my fir & I make dog angels in it that is so much fun & I do like the good rub down I get when I come in from the cold.   Dad takes me for at least 2 walks a day I like that too I need to check out the neighborhood & keep an eye on every thing.

Dad said I am going to learn how to be a service dog for him that is so cool I get to ware a cool jacket and every thing I go in to stores & stuff I know I look good !! every one always says when we pass by wow he is a good looking dog,. Ya I know Im HOT. just look at me I sit, stay & mind my manners I dont even chase the basketball at my big sisters Haleys game I just set & look good doing it !!!

George & Melinda

Marley is now 6 months old and doing great we are training him to be a service dog for George and is doing great at it.

George & Marley

Haley & Marley

this is marley's 6month birthday

Marley & Dad with life jacket

Marley looking at the camera

and just looking cute

Here are Marleys one year birthday pics an one of him and his pool !

Well its been a year since I have been with my new family i am doing very well in my training i love to chase the ball and go on long walks with Dad, at Christmas i got so many new toys i even got a toy box to keep every thing safe from the cats,  I still love to chase after Rocky the cat but its fun game for us both,  Angus the cat lets me lick him  and we do a fun trick I can put his hole head in my moth Mom just tells me to stop so I stop.. but it is so fun to do....  Life is good at the Ridgely house I am very spoiled  i even got a new rain jacket i look so cool I will post it later on well my friends take care and doodle on  

Marley Valentino Ridgely

pic 1 Haley and Marley playing in the snow


Marley new hat  

January 2016

Its been some time I am now 7 and I am a service dog to my dad I work hard and I am always there for him when I am needed , over the years we have lost many in our home Bear has now passed on she was nice , Angus the cat past just this last may I will miss they way he let me put his head in my mouth, the bunny's are also gone now  Rocky and I still hang out he still swats at me now and then but its all in fun. life is still good at the Ridgely's house

my sis Haley and I when she came home from college

trying on helmets for safety

me and my  chair while camping i dont like dirt on my paws

me and Dad just hanging out