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Macy Grace's Page

“Macy Grace”

Macy Grace was born in Kansas on October 1, 2005.  

She now resides in Midland, Georgia where she regularly brightens the days of her owners, Donna, Jonathan and Stefan.  All who come in contact with her think she is the sweetest and cuddliest dog ever!  We couldn't ask for a better companion and would highly recommend this breed to any one looking for a great family dog.  Shedding has been practically non-existent.  Thankfully, we've had no issues with chewing either and house training was surprisingly a breeze via the use of a crate during the first few months.

Macy Grace graduated from Harvard (Dog Obedience School) in March of 2008.  The instructor used her regularly as the “demo dog”, especially with the activity where she demonstrated “how to break your dog from jumping up on people”.  She warned that while Macy did well, she would remain in her rambunctious puppy state till she was around 4 years old, but that's okay; we still love her!

We moved to our new house in October 2006….

….. And Macy Grace quickly became an Olympic Swimmer.   If you go swimming and she's outside, you will never swim alone.   

She loves her wearing her “doggles” too!

Halloween, 2008- Macy Grace visited the local Hospice where she wore her “Underdog” costume and cheered up the patients and staff.  She won for “Most Original” costume!

We love our Golden Doodle, Macy and truly believe that there is no better breed!