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Gilligan's Page

Gilligan and The Skipper
This is the story of how the Minnow crashed and .... ok ok ok........its about how I spoil my pet Mike McKenna... and how to train other human beings.  Doods, this is life so far from 8 weeks to 5 months... enjoy!

Hiya, my name is Gilligan, Gilligan MacGillicudley, and I am from the Treasure Coast of Florida, bred to be a Skippers mate.  When the Skipper brought me home at 2 months I was anxious to show him what I could do.  I promptly put my best poop forward and was gracious to deposit it on his new carpet -- but he was not impressed?  Mr. Howl would of thought it a hoot?  But now I live in Jacksonville Beach, the First Coast.

It wasn't until 4 months that I got the run of the house.  So now between meals I like to snack on rugs, socks, shoes, and of course any wooden furniture leg I can find.  I like to snack on most anything in my path on walks as well -- anything I can lay my big Paws on.

Speaking of socks and shoes, please please please, they ARE toys doods!  I don't have many toys as you can see (although I do have more in my kennel and out on the patio), but humans need to know our life depends on new toys every week!  And please... Doods DO know the dot we chase on the floor is from a lazer light.  I mean have you ever seen a Canine on COPS jump up and try to eat the lazer dot on a perps chest?? My favorite toy is my Mustang.  I don't put the top down much cause....why ruin a good running air conditioner dood?

We live in Jacksonville Beach and I love to take the Skipper to the beach but get tired of pulling him around on his leash.  I hate the heat but with the cool water and breeze it is not bad.  You should of seen Mikes face when I ate that jellyfish.  Yeah I can eat anything.  I mean I ate one of my teeth just this morning -- it all comes out in the end!

I sometimes have bad dreams I was born a Spaniel..... yeah I know...a Nightmare!  My dad is a Standard Poodle and my Mom is a Golden Retriever who is pretty red.  I like being the Dood -- I mean people chase us down 3 blocks just to pet me.  The Skipper gets to watch -- he he he.  But really, a Spaniel.... sometimes with human eyes (but I like the eyes kinda).  Nothing like bein a Dood!

I have been practicing my faces and think MaryAnne and Ginger would melt.  Life is good and I am really liking Mike, the Skipper's Island, even though the Chicken here is a bit rubbery.  I am well fed and eat exotic foods.... mostly Buffalo.  And it is Blue Buffalo!  I mean how many Blue Buffalo's have you seen?  For now... Ciao Doods, it's time for Lamb and Rice!  If I poop right after --I get Bacon strips for desert AND the tip off of Mike's popsicle!  Yumsters Doods!