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Belle's Page

Belle, born 3 August 2007,  My mom named me after a Disney Princess.  As a puppy I was very shy but before long I was playing rope tug with my friend Gretal and pulling each other around the house.  I love outside, we have a fairly large back yard and I love to RUN at full speed around the yard, of course stopping without crashing is another story.  I love everyone and everything, Love kids, especially Kaitlyn (granddaughtser 5 years old).  When she comes over I know its playtime.

Our New Doodle 8 weeks...(a little shy).

See Here! I'm the boss around here.

Belle and Gretal.... Hey I’m growing

Would you move over I need more room

We need a bigger bed

Belle at one year 44 pounds

Love to run.....Love to play