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Sunny's Page

This is the first Goldendoodle I have ever owned and she is a handful at nine weeks!! She is sooooo curious about her world and watching her and my Shepherd play together is better than t.v.!! lol

I have researched these dogs and am very pleased to learn about the temperament and intelligence. My Shepherd is also an intelligent dog and learns quickly.

Sunny & her mommy

Sunny & her daddy

My doodle, Sunny, was born on a ranch in Colorado. After doing an exhausting search to purchase a doodle that was available, I found this wonderful breeder and became quite friendly with her. She had a few doodles that at the time hadn't been weaned from thier mommy but I paid for my 'baby' and only had to wait a couple of weeks for her arrival. The breeder is Marni Jones of Six Day Ranch.

I highly recommend her and her husband. Not only do they have doodles, they raise and breed Golden Retrievers. The Jones' have a large family and what appealed to me was the fact that the Jones' children all handled the pups as well as the adult dogs. There are photos on the site of the kids playing and holding the puppies and romping around with the adult dogs as well. I am so happy that my little one was socialized with kids and other animals right from birth. The dogs all interact with horses and other breeds of dogs, cats, and any other animals they have on the ranch. This meant to me that my dood had a very good start at socialization.

The transaction with Marni and her husband was so easy and painless for me. They arranged the flight for my little Sunny and all I had to do was pick her up at the airport.

When Sunny finally arrived and the airline employees opened her crate, I was very pleased to see that Sunny was very clean, she was wearing a little purple collar with a name tag that had her name on it as well as my name and phone number, and her crate was very clean with a fleece mat, a chew toy and a squeaky toy inside. Her name was written in bold letters on the top of her crate and a bag of dog food was taped on top of the crate along with her papers. I took my little girl out and gave her a big hug. She never made a peep at the airport or on the way home. She was probably tired from her trip so when we got home I took her outside to potty then fed and watered her. She walked around a little then fell asleep. That was the last time she was quiet!!!!

This is what the doctor told me to do

Wow dude, you have a long tongue

I took her to the vet the following week and she had gained three pounds. She weighed seven at her last vet check in Colorado. My vet said she was a big puppy but I don't think so. I'm not sure what he was comparing her to but to me, she's small.

Her daddy is a red Golden Retriever and her mommy is a white standard Poodle. I expect Sunny will have long legs like most doods and she will have shaggy fur.

I am teaching Sunny to go 'potty' outside and she does very well so far. She hasn't had any accidents in the house yet but I keep her on a leash in the house and watch her closely. I work with her each day and am teaching her to focus on me, 'Sit', 'Down' and 'Come'. She is very food motivated so tiny treats work very well in her training.

I am helping you load the dishwasher, mom

I am studying to be a dog trainer and my goal is to train Sunny to go with me when I visit my clients to show them how a well behaved dog should be.

I have a 140 pound male German Shepherd and although he is obedience trained, he isn't very social around other animals. I rescued him when he was a year old and he will be three in September. I try to take him around other dogs and he does okay around certain ones but he seems to be choosy. He loves people but I notice that because Koda is so large, people are a little timid around him. They think he's going to bite but they couldn't be more wrong. He's a big baby and when someone approaches him, his ears go back and his paw comes up for a hand shake. He loves to be petted.
So, this is the story of my dogs and I have attached a couple of pics.

Thank you.

Now that Sunny is older and much larger, I thought I would share a couple of new pics with you.

Sunny will be five months old on the 23rd of this month and as you know, these dogs grow like weeds!!! I think it's the long legs! lol.

Sunny is very good at basic obedience commands and now I am teaching her to roll over and beg. I started walking her on a leash when she was little over eight weeks old just around in the yard and as she got a little bigger, I hooked her to my belt loop on a short leash and walked her along with my adult Shepherd. She learned to walk nice right from the start. Now she walks very well on a leash and never walks in front of me.

One of the funniest things about her is when I first got her, I bought a plastic Ex pen to keep her in while the family watched t.v. in the living room. This way, Sunny could be with us and not get into trouble. She really loved it and often fell asleep in it. Now that she is much bigger and much taller and could easily get out of the pen but she doesn't. She doesn't know she can get out! Because she has been in the pen since she was a tiny baby, and I have never taught her how to get out of it, she will stand up and put her paws on the top but won't try to get out. We all laugh about it.

Because I am a dog trainer in training, I take her with me to the puppy class and she does very well, in fact, she has been the demo dog. She loves to play with the other pups and is very friendly.

I am so happy that Sunny is part of our family. She is such a cutie and a sweet baby and learns so quickly.
The picture I'm attaching is Sunny of course. I had just bathed her, blow-dried her and brushed her and let her out to play in the yard. I was watering my flowers but didn't realize the hose was leaking a little and Sunny found the little puddle where the water was dripping and the rest you can see in the photos. She doesn't like a bath but loves to play in the water.

We love our doodle.