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Ollie's Page

My kids are 19, 16 and 12 and can certainly help with puppy care, so after we made the BIG  announcement and the kids had quieted down from the excitement, we pulled out a “Dog Contract” and made them all sign it. It states all the things they will do for the new dog … including bathing, potty trips and scooping, cleaning up any mess it made in the house, as well as playing and exercising. Since one of my girls is in college and the other is a junior in high school, I also included a clause that states the excuse “I don't live here” does not work. This would be a family dog and we will all share in the care. They very willingly signed it and the next day we drove to Cincinnati to pick out our puppy.  We felt this was better than having them find a dog Christmas morning. We ALL picked him together.

We chose the sweetest little puppy there. He cuddled in my arms when I held him, yet excitedly ran and played with the kids when we put him down. His Mom is a Golden Retriever, Sunny and his dad is a red Standard Poodle, Jefferson. We met both of his parents and they seemed very gentle natured and good with kids. He was 7 weeks and 5 days old when we brought him home to Kentucky. His hair is wavy with a little curl on his ears and chest.
8 weeks old

Of course, he was sad that night in his crate, so I slept beside the crate all night. Once I laid beside it, he stopped crying and went to sleep. He is doing great at 9 weeks now and already runs to the door and barks when he needs to go out. Of course, we are still watching him non-stop to make sure this continues. I put a bell on the door and we may see if we can bell train him.

The day after we brought him home, everybody wanted to have their picture taken with him. As I am a photographer on the side, he will have many pictures.

A Boy and His Dog!!!

The Girls With the New Man in Their Lives!!

I love this picture with my husband
 as it shows how small he is

Hello Mom!!

                       At 8.5 weeks, Ollie weighs 12.4 pounds.
                              Can't wait to see how big he gets,
                                     as well as what he will look like!!