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This is our new Mini Goldendoodle “Nittany.”  She was born on September 8th, 2007 at a small home breeder named Ellis Eshelman @ Doodles for You.  We fell in love with these pictures on their website and after spending endless hours of research, we knew that this adorable pup was for us.

We are a family of five and she was to be our first family dog.  Never having a dog myself, I had no idea what to expect.  I never thought I would be a “dog person.”  Well, within the first 24 hours, this little puppy sure changed that.  She arrived pretty much potty trained and ready to learn all of her amazing tricks.  She learned within the first two weeks how to ring a bell to go “potty”, sit, down, roll over and stay-what a smart dog we adopted!  

The first few hours home

Oh…what a face!

Our new pup looked like a lion cub and my husband went to Penn State so it was only fitting to name her “Nittany” after the Penn State Nittany Lions!

We soon started our 8 week puppy course.  Nittany continues to learn all the basic commands including sit, down, stay, this way, and come.  We’re still working on “come” but she overall is doing exceptionally well.

Nittany @ 9 weeks with her first toy

Nittany @ 12 Weeks

South Jersey’s only snow fall so far this winter

This was Our Christmas card picture that said “Have a Doodle of a Christmas!”

Bryan, Michelle, Justin and Nittany

Nittany’s puppy school graduation

Nittany on Christmas morning (14 weeks)

Nittany doing her very favorite thing…pulling off the kids socks!

Here are updated pictures of Nittany around 8 months old.  She weighs 32 pounds and continues to be a wonderful addition to our family.  Our biggest complaint is that she has chewed three different sandals so far this summer!

Nittany and our youngest son posing for a picture!