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Ms Sadie's Page

Ms. Sadie is a F1 silver and black Goldendoodle (with a docked tail). Her Mother is a Golden Retriever and her Father is an Apricot Poodle.

Ms. Sadie came into my life on 03-08-06. When I arrived at the kennel to pick up my puppy, she leaped from the back of her cage towards me with the cutest little yellow roses in her hair. I knew right then and there we were going to be best friends for life.

(Sadie @ 3 months)

Here’s Ms. Sadie at 3 months old. She has really grown, and now has learned to jump up on the furniture and look down at the world below.

One of Sadie’s favorite places to go is to Cousins Koko & Raven’s house.
Sadie does lots and lots of running around and playing there.

(Sadie @ 5 months)

What a difference 1 month makes, Ms. Sadie is now 5 months old, she has her on air about her, she loves attention & will do anything to get it. Can’t you just see the love in her face?

(Sadie @ 6 months)

6 Months old now & 52 pounds, hmmm this could get interesting.

Sadie is now 7 months old & having fun with her friend Chuck.

(Sadie & Chuck @ 7 months)

(Sadie & Chuck @ 7 months)

(Sadie @ 7 months)