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Matteo's Page

~When we found Matteo, we didn’t actually think we were looking for a puppy. I had wanted a puppy for a long while….but my husband, Frank, really didn’t think that we should get a puppy. We went into a pet store one day, “just to look”…and we left with Matteo. All you guys out there who think that I somehow tricked Frank into it…you can take that thought back! When Frank held Matteo, he looked at me and said, “if we’re getting a puppy, this is the puppy we’re getting!” What was I going to say? “No”??? ;)

After bringing Matteo home, we heard all kinds of terrible stories about pet stores/puppy mills, and such (things we’d never thought of, and/or heard of before). Whether he came from a reputable breeder, or a mill….we didn’t know, and didn’t care….he needed a good home, and we were it.

Day One with Frank (Matteo was 10 weeks old)

~At twelve weeks we enrolled him in puppy education to familiarize him with other dogs and people. He was the WILDEST dog in the class (he barked for the ENTIRE first class). By the end of our training, he was awarded the most improved certificate….and as the instructor showed him his certificate, he took a little chunk of it for himself lol.

clean puppy

He likes small spaces :o)

Teo’s first Christmas

And then, we had snow…

He likes snow

The more he grew up, we realized he wasn’t REALLY growing UP….

yes, he is short….very short :O)

Our veterinarian said that he was healthy, and that he would probably sprout. He never did lol…but he did get out of the awkward stage…sort of

 five months and fuzzy :o)

Matteo at 7 months. He doesn’t so much dig dirt as….
he EATS dirt

Before his first haircut….

after his first haircut…..yeah, we’ll never do THAT again lol

And now, at one year and 4 months, we can’t say it’s been easy….but he is a very good dog. He LOVES going to the dog park, swimming in rivers, and running like a wild man…. He also loves people. The only wish we still have is that he would befriend our 13 year old, 20lb cat….but then, our cat doesn’t really want HIM as a friend.

His favorite spot in the house

Matteo is 47lbs and almost four feet long when he stretches out….but he’s only about 27 inches tall (to the top of his GIANT head). At least all his hair grew back :o) (picture taken 1-11-2007)

Matteo has grown as much as he's going to lol...he's still short but he weighs in at 59 pounds!

Dana & 'Teo in the park

Frank & 'Teo

If you leap, he follows

he's very eager to please

here you can see the concentration in his face!

Matteo scaled a 6 foot rock wall so that he could sit on top with me...and then he went down the slide!

teo and frank looking in the fridge together :)