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Maizy May's Page

12/30/07  The first time we met!

Maizy May was Born November 6th 2007. She is 4 months old today!! Time flies when you're having fun!  She is an F-2 mini from Kathryn Lee's Make Way for Doodles in Rhode Island.  Her parents are Bowdoodle and Snow White.  We were on a waiting list for a pup in the spring when Kathryn e-mailed me a picture of a current litter. A puppy had become available.  I instantly fell in love with a precious little pup.  Later that day I got an e-mail with a pic of the available pup - it was her!  I knew it wasn't the right time for us and we should really wait til spring but she was meant' to be part of our family. Maizy now lives in western Ma.  She is just wonderful and brings such happiness and joy to our house.  We call her the perfect precious pup!  She potty trained quickly, slept well at night in her crate and is learning commands well. Everywhere we bring her people ask us all about this little girl.  They can't get over just how cute she is.   A mom ran over to tell me the first time she saw  me walking Maizy she almost ran off the road driving while admiring how adorable she was!!  We have only had her 2 short months but I can't imagine like without her.

Driving Miss Maizy home

Maizy's favorite stuffed golden doodle is bigger than her.

Naptime with Mommy

I love headbands - just not on my head!

Happy Smiley Pup!!  03/12

could I be any cuter!!!

Here is a picture of Maizy and her big sister at graduation. We just love our big 25 pound fluff ball!!  (June 2008)