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Maegan Kay's Page

A wet Doodle

Maegan Kay aka The Doodle  D.O.B. 03/15/07

Lives with five cats, they tolerate her well.
Her best friend is Precious, a Black Lab that lives behind us.  She also has play dates with a couple of Jack Russells.

Happy Halloween

She's a celebrity at PetSmart, whenever we go everyone working knows who she is.  We go a couple of times a month.  Everyone also, associates and customers, just love her up.
Maegan gets very attentive when she sees or hears a dog on the TV.  
She loves her rawhide chews and her Greenies.

Favorite activities include running around like crazy in the back yard, playing with her friends, going for rides; doesn't care where to and she is always in her seat belt, shopping at PetSmart, playing ball and tug-a-war.
She loves giving hugs and helps clean up the kitchen after dinner.

Maegan's graduation

My husband bought the Doodle for me thinking it would help me with my 'grieving' after losing my Borzoi/Border Collie, Jacob and Black Lab mix, Bobbi from cancer this last Spring.  I wasn't too keen on the idea, but she is very therapeutic.  She has a lot of personality traits that Jacob and Bobbi had.  I just figure that they're coaching her....their way of letting me know they're watching over us.  

Maegan is a very loving and fun 'kid'.  Wouldn't know what to do with out her.

Maegan - waiting in the car